We are a communication island with a decade in the market.

We believe in strong experiences and lasting connections.

We recreate ourselves in front of an ocean of possibilities and dive into our clients' challenges, feeling the pain, experimenting with processes, and discovering possibilities that were previously hidden.

pq jawa?

Java is the name of an island located between Sumatra and Bali in Indonesia. That's where our name and DNA came from: inspired by a mound of land that developed amidst the inconstancy of volcanoes.

But what does "communication island" mean in practice?

Simply put:

JAWA is about a communication agency focused on good deliveries. Through a proximity conquered on a daily basis with the client. Offering confidence, agility and quality to live together strong experiences and build lasting connections. 

JAWA. strong experiences, lasting connections.

A unique business vision that combines 4 pillars, all equally important and present at every point of contact with the customer.